The Best Budget Above Ground Pool – Best 7 Reviews

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No one can deny the fact that having a traditional swimming pool really takes a lot of space and finance.

However, buying an above ground pool in the garden can be the best for you, especially if you have a family, a low budget, and small garden space.

So, what’s the best budget above ground pools you can get without spending out of the ordinary?

In this post, you’ll find out the best budget aboveground pools that will meet your family needs.

Budget Above Ground Pools of 2021: Best 7 Reviews 

Let see top 7 budget above ground pool on the market:

Intex 28272NP Rectangular Pool

The Intex Rectangular Frame Pool has dimensions of 118 by 78 by 29-1/2 inches, a relatively small pool. It can comfortably accommodate two adults. The stability of the pool is guaranteed by the frame which is built of steel tubes.

The tear-resistant PVC material ensures a long service life and a pool wall without holes. The Intex Pool is quick and easy to set up and operate.  

Setting up the product takes a fraction of the time it would take for an inflatable pool. In the colder months of the year, you can stow the pool in the basement or garage. The heaviest variant weighs 45.5 kg, so it’s easily transportable with two or three people.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect height 
  • Very clear instructions 
  • Perfect for dogs 


  • Filter requires changing every fortnight

Intex 12′ x 30″ Metal Frame Pool

Easily the best aboveground pool set under $600, this product from Intex is supplied with a metal frame that has a lot of stability. The dimensions of 12 feet by 30 inches allow at least two adults to sit in the pool.

Assembling the Intex Metal Frame aboveground pool is a breeze. To ensure this, in the package, the manufacturer includes a DVD that answers all possible questions during assembly and disassembly. Overall, the pool can be set up or disassembled in about 30 minutes.

The sturdy steel frame ensures that the structure remains stable on the ground. This is very important when the pool is filled with water or when there are many people in the pool. Furthermore, the high-quality and robust PVC material ensures that the pool can be used over a long time.


  • Comes with a filter pump
  • Tough sidewalls
  • Beautifully powder coated
  • Rust resistant


  • The price is high

Intex 56971EG Easy Set Inflatable Pool with Filter Pump

The Easy Set aboveground pool is one of the best selling pool sets from Intex. The reason is not far fetched: it is easy to use, can be set up quickly, and can be disassembled again just as quickly. The round pool holds up to 1,185 gallons of water at 90% capacity. 

It has a diameter of 305 centimeters and a height of 76 centimeters. With this size, a family of 4 can have a great time in the water. Depending on their size, this pool is suitable for adults who want to cool off while sitting.

The air ring that closes the pool is for safety. For children, it’s another fun factor, as they are sure to throw themselves on or lie on it. However, you should make sure that you don’t rave about it too much. Because a hole in the air ring means that the bathing fun is over. If the hole is small, it can be patched just like a bicycle tire. 

The pool material is otherwise very stable. Available for a price under $200, the product is inexpensive but has a higher quality to price ratio. 


  • Includes a filter pump
  • Features an instructional DVD
  • Ready in 15 minutes 


  • Some users complain of leakages 

Intex 28131EG Round Pool Set

Sold for an under $300 price, this is a round pool that holds several thousand liters of water. It’s therefore imperative that the floor on which it stands is level. A lawn or concrete floor is the best for this set. 

The medium-sized pool has dimensions of 12 feet by 30 inches, comes with a filter pump and instruction manual. Like all Easy Set models, assembling and disassembling are relatively easy. 

It’s advisable to put a tarpaulin over gravel to protect the pool liner from small, sharp stones. If you have a slope in the garden, you can balance this by pouring earth on the ground, treading it down, and reinforcing with concrete slabs. Otherwise, the ground can sag or tilt under its great load. 


  • Ideal for a family of 6 members 
  • Easy setup and disassembling
  • Perfect for small yards
  • Light and compact while packed


  • Requires a completely flat ground 
  • Material could be more durable 

Intex 56945EB 15-Foot by 48-Inch Metal Pool Set

Consisting of a pool and filter pump, this set brings a real holiday feeling into your garden. This set gives the whole family a well-deserved cooling off in summer.

The frame of the round basin is built of sturdy metal. The robust construction also has a special anti-corrosion coating. 

Not only is it quick to set up the above-ground pool. Draining the water in late summer or autumn is quick and easy thanks to the integrated drain valve. You can simply connect a water hose and drain the pool from a great distance. 

The pool set includes a ground tarpaulin, a cover, instruction DVD, filter pump, ladder and barrier, main kit, and a surface skimmer.  


  • No-tool assembly 
  • Includes a tarp, cover, and ladder 
  • Made of heavy-duty metal


  • Pump too small 
  • Installation takes time 

Bestway 56463 Steel Pro Frame Pool Set

Sold for an under $1000 price, the Steel Pro Frame is ideal on hot days when there is nothing better than a relaxing dip in the water. 

The pool has a water capacity of 6092 gallons at 90% fill. The metal frame also makes the construction extremely robust. So the Steel Pro Frame can be left in the garden all year round.

With the use of the waterproof tarpaulin, the BESTWAY Steel Pro Frame can be safely covered in autumn and winter and protected from the weather, leaves, and dirt.

The provided ladder is practical for children to easily and safely enter the almost 1-meter high pool. Despite its stable construction, the swimming pool can be set up quickly and easily on your own.


  • Large capacity
  • Comes with a powerful filter pump 
  • High-grade construction 
  • Ideal for swimming laps 


  • Problems with rust 

Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package

This swimming pool set lives up to its name. Its large dimensions of 18 feet by 52 inches ensure that several adults can easily find space in the pool.

To have sufficient stability despite its high capacity of water, the deluxe pool set has a very sturdy high-density steel construction. This is galvanized and thus protected from rust. 

The assembly and disassembly are very easy and relatively quick thanks to the installation DVD. In addition to the pool, the set consists of a sand filter system, a safety ladder, a skimmer, and a vinyl liner. It’s one of the best under $2000 pool sets on the market. 


  • 15 years warranty
  • Very large capacity 
  • Galvanized steel construction 
  • Includes a pump, ladder, and more 


  • Reports of failing pump 
  • Not ideal for saltwater 


When the temperature rises, there is almost nothing better than diving into a swimming pool. With an above-ground pool for your garden or balcony, you have the swimming pool practically in front of your nose. 

As we’ve seen in the reviews, a pool is no longer a luxury product. You can find good models with steel frames or Easy Set pools under $500. And if you want a deluxe model, you don’t have to spend several thousands of dollars.

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